Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dan & Katie | Engagement | Stark Park

I really didn’t think this photo session was going to happen.  The weather was awful in the morning and the weather man wasn’t promising any afternoon sunshine.  BUT with a little positive thinking and a lot of crossing our fingers, the sun came out and provided us with a beautiful day for a photo shoot.  Yay!
This photo session was very special to me.  Dan and I grew up in the same small NH town and have known each other since elementary school.  I met Katie through work a couple years ago and was thrilled when I heard that the two were dating each other.  Dan and Katie know how to have a great time and I had a blast taking pictures of them and their loveable dog Finn.  To be honest, it really didn’t feel like work  : )  Just a good time hanging out with friends.   I wish Dan & Katie nothing but love and happiness.  May your future be filled with lots of wonderful adventures with each other.  Congratulations!